Finding People Who Move You Forward

CERCA is mobile technology that works for you, discretely and professionally, to find and connect you with people who move you forward. No more redundant profiles and endless searching. With CERCA, you’re productive, you’re secure and you’re in charge.

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What’s the problem?

At its essence, building an effective network means finding people who move you forward.

People that share and fuel your interests and passions, collaborate, inform, inspire and support you. A great network provides beneficial relationships and connects us with those who enrich our lives. The problem is, people finding isn’t easy. It turns out that finding the needle in the haystack truly is hard.

Instead of speeding up the process, available technology and apps foster redundant profile building and browsing which decreases our productivity. This can cause us to miss opportunities to meet the right people at conferences and events or wherever we are. The right technology can speed up the process. The right technology narrows the field and improve the outcomes, the right technology works for you while you work for your future.

What's the CERCA Solution?

How it works.

Create a CERCA account.

Attend an event, join a community or just start using CERCA on your own. CERCA profiles are lasting and portable, not restricted to use with a single group. Getting started is easy.

Build your secure profile.

Efficiently build your profile and define connection preferences that reflect your personal style. Explore both personal and professional interest areas to create multi-dimensional matches and richer connections. Protect yourself from annoying and unsolicited contact.

Find great new connections.

Take the guesswork out of networking. Let CERCA lead you to people that share your interests, goals and aspirations.

Available soon on Apple and Android

Get notified as soon as it's available

What's Unique About CERCA?


CERCA's intelligent design delivers real-time matching recommendations based on your unique interests, goals, experiences and location. You control if, when and where you make a connection. No open profile searching means we protect your privacy. Your contact information is only shared when you choose to. Since CERCA profiles are private, the focus is on what you want to achieve. Most importantly, CERCA protects your time - by saving it.


Conferences and industry events aren't the only places to grow your network. It's a continous process. No one likes to rebuild profiles for every event they attend or group that they join. CERCA is the last profile you'll have to create. CERCA compliments conference apps that provide many other valuable features but lose their usefulness when the conference ends. CERCA allows you to make the most of your conference experience AND continue to cultivate your connections while on the road or back at the office.


No more ships passing in the night. CERCA identifies the people that you should know and helps you connect with them. The proximity feature allows CERCA to notify users of valuable connections nearby, turning chance into purposeful opportunities to connect. Form relationships at your speed and in your unique way. Never awkward, never forced.

Ditch traditional networking. Let CERCA work for you.

Let your efforts to find the right people and build the right network be POWERED BY CERCA

Available soon on Apple and Android

Get notified as soon as it’s available